Destination America Will Air First Ever Live Exorcism This October

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I don’t know about you but I’ve grown increasingly tired of the various ghost-hunting shows on TV, as they never amount to much more than noises in the darkness and strange audio recordings that barely sound like anything. But Destination America is going one step further this Halloween, and it’s sure to be a must-watch TV event.

Entertainment Weekly broke the exclusive news today that the network will be airing the first-ever live televised exorcism this coming October, the upcoming special appropriately being called Exorcism: Live!. Physic medium Chip Coffey and the cast of Ghost Asylum are taking part in the historic event.

Exorcism Live

Perhaps coolest of all is the location of the live exorcism, as it’s taking place in the St. Louis, Missouri home that inspired The Exorcist novel and subsequent film. There’s of course no better place to do an exorcism than inside of the real Exorcist house, so that should really add to the fun of this one.

EW notes that an exorcism was televised back in 1971, on NBC, though Exorcism: Live! will mark the first time one has been performed live on television. It’s also the first time that the infamous Missouri home has even been exorcised – yes, the house itself is the demonic entity being cleansed.

Now this is what I call fun Halloween entertainment!

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