McDonald’s Reports Demonic Activity to Police

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The calorie count of their Big Macs and McDoubles aren’t the only scary things about McDonald’s.

Following the midnight munchies rush at a McDonald’s in Pueblo, Colorado, employees reported hearing some strange things.

It all happened during the early morning hours of Thursday February 13th.  The employees at the fast food giant reported hearing demonic sounds coming from a screaming phantom woman. They also observed the sounds of someone barking and speaking in a “strange language.”

Any one of these things in the middle of the night is enough to send an employee running for their car in the parking lot.  Not these employees.  These McDonald’s employees called the boys in blue to respond the paranormal activity in their restaurant.

When the police received this call and reported to the establishment it was 3:30 a.m.  This adds to the creep factor.  For those that aren’t familiar, 3 a.m. is a time commonly associated with the paranormal, especially the demonic. It is called ‘The Witching Hour.’  This hour is believed to be the time of night when demons, witches, and ghosts are considered to be at their most powerful.

Halloween concept, close up of evil female eyes

The employees were so frightened they refused to leave the building until the sun came up hours later.  It’s fortunate this particular McDonald’s is a 24 hour location.

Captain Rummel of the local police reported the three responding officers searched the restaurant. They also examined the area surrounding the establishment, but the officers did not find answers to who, or what, caused the disturbance at the Colorado McDonald’s.

Below is Officer’s Rummel twitter account detailing the event.

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