‘Demon Wind’ Is The Perfect Storm Of Bonkers Horror

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Demon Wind captures a dream, or rather, nightmare logic to the proceeding story. Very little of the how and why the demonic weather is occurring is explained. The best we get is some mumbled exposition about Corey’s grandparents settling out west with pioneers led by a sinister minister named Enders who went mad and began worshipping Satan, leading to the death of their cult and somehow creating the time/space diluting supernatural area of the Harmon Farm. On top of that, Regina Harmon, Cory’s grandmother Regina was a witch who was able to place protective spells over the farm and had two of the seven daggers of Megiddo, which some of you may recall from The Omen films. How and why she had a couple of those priceless religious artifacts is not explained, neither why apparently they can only be used once each.

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Most of the cast of characters is rather cookie cutter. There’s Cory, the troubled hero who’s searching for answers about his past. His girlfriend Elaine who… is his girlfriend. And also flashes her butt at Cory at the diner with a Valentine’s day heart taped to it. Macho bully, Dell. Jack, the nerd. And so on. But the characters who really stand out are a dynamic duo of gun-slinging, magician martial artists, Chuck and Styx. Making their triumphant debut on a convertible blasting ‘Ride Of the Valkyries’ as they convene with their friends. The two also getting a memorable action packed battle with the horde of demons laying siege upon the farmstead. Every time these guys are on screen, the movie becomes a hundred percent more interesting.

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On top of everything else, be sure to keep an eye out on the horde of gooey, bloody demons. Lou Diamond Phillips has an uncredited cameo as one of them! I haven’t been able to figure out which one due to the heavy makeup, but he’s in there somewhere.

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And that’s barely scratching the surface of the insanity. If you’re hungry for bizarro horror, then seek out Demon Wind for a genre storm unlike any other.


Demon Wind is now streaming on Shudder, Amazon Video, VRV, and is available on blu-ray from Vinegar Syndrome with a 3D lenticular cover while supplies last.

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