‘Demon Wind’ Is The Perfect Storm Of Bonkers Horror

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The love of the horror genre is by extension the love of its limitless potential. Horror is a broad term that can extend into a multitude of different sub-genres and themes. Which also means it can go into some absolutely batshit crazy territory! And with the bizarro crossover of horror that is American Horror Story returning September 12th, I think I’ve found one of the absolute bonkers horror movies to ever enter my eyes and my very soul; DEMON WIND!

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The movie follows young Cory Harmon (Eric Larson) along with his girlfriend Elaine (Francine Lapensée) as they journey deep into the woods to find Cory’s family farm. His grandparents mysteriously disappeared 60 years beforehand, and his own father’s journey to the farm mentally disturbed him. Cory is determined to uncover the mystery of what has plagued his family name all these years, along the way meeting with several of his 20-something eccentric friends. Encountering an old gas station attendant named Harcourt (Rufus Norris) who warns him not to go to the Harmon house even at (unloaded) gunpoint, Cory is intent on going there and finding answers to his life. When they do eventually make it to the plot of land, they discover the house and barn are dilapidated, and a crucified skeleton! However, when they enter the Harmon family home, they discover it to be pristine and even with a plump turkey prepared at the dinner table. Supernatural telekinesis creates a mess, forcing them out, and though they want to leave, they discover their cars no longer working and a strange mist approaching… THE DEMON WIND.

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And that’s just a taste of the cinemadness to come from this would-be cult classic. Demon Wind was written and directed by Charles Phillip Moore who got his start as a writer on the equally bizarre summer camp themed slasher movie, Twisted Nightmare. The movie was shot in 1989 in Thousand Oaks, California and released on July 20th, 1990 in West Germany with a video premiere in America on September 13th, 1990. It soon became a mainstay of VHS horror by featuring a rather memorable 3D hologram cover of a demon bashing through a window. Though the featured demon does not actually appear in the movie.

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Demon Wind is quite clearly gleamed from more classical ‘cabin in the woods’ style horror movies like The Evil Dead with several characters becoming possessed and mutated, mixed with the gonzo gore and supernatural elements of Lucio Fulci’s Gates of Hell films like City of the Living Dead and The Beyond. Featuring slimy ghouls, bizarre transformations, space and time warps, creating a bizarre mix of archetypes and tropes and so much more…


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