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Despite what you may think about the 2009 remake of Friday the 13th, it was at least something from the franchise.

Rumors have been circling over the past few years that a proper sequel to the series was in the works, but everytime we get news about it being green-lit, that same light changes to yellow then red, then the power goes out on the project completely.

The 2009 Friday the 13th theatrical version was severely picked apart by fans who took it as a remake of the 1980 original. It clearly took extreme liberties with the source material. It wasn’t an “origin” story and it wasn’t a remake. In fact, it could be considered more a remake or re-imaged combination of parts 2 and 3 if you really want to stretch it.

Director Marcus Nispel is a visionary filmmaker. His Texas Chainsaw Massacre redo is one of my favorite movies. He’s got the gift of celluloid storytelling and takes it very seriously.

But strangely some of his Friday the 13th’s best scenes were sliced from the final theatrical version, including one that gives details on how Jason got his signature hockey mask; something he didn’t wear until he went multi-dimensional in 1982.

Upon the DVD and Blu-Ray releases, there was a “Killer Cut” and an “Extended Version” of Nispel’s franchise entry respectively.

Directly below is the missing hockey mask scene, and after that are some others that were left out of theaters. But I feel these shots could have made a difference to fans had they been left in.

I think film editors and directors have a hard time when they chop up their films. I’m not sure how they decide on what to keep and what to omit.

For me, whenever I see some scenes that were deleted from films I always ask, “why did they cut that? It explains so much.”

But I’m no filmmaker, and I actually liked Nispel’s “remake,” not because of its storyline, but for its great visuals and the subtle creep factor you don’t often get with a slasher.

What do you think? Should the below scene have been left in the theatrical version?