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‘Deep Blue Sea 3’ in the Works, Possibly Coming to Netflix

by Michael Carpenter

While Steven Spielberg’s 1975 masterpiece Jaws is the magnum opus of shark horror, that doesn’t mean that worthwhile alternatives don’t exist. For instance, those looking for something less serious could be inclined toward Deep Blue Sea.

Released in 1999, Deep Blue Sea focused on the crew of a remote underwater research facility in which scientists experimented on the brains of sharks in order to try and counteract Alzheimer’s. As a side effect though, we get super smart sharks.

Said genius sharks quickly decide to take their human captors out of the picture, leading to tons of b-movie fun and crazy aquatic carnage. Last year saw the arrival of standalone sequel Deep Blue Sea 2, a straight to Syfy film that wasn’t exactly beloved.

Still, apparently enough people bought the sequel on DVD and Blu-Ray that Deep Blue Sea 3 is now in the works, and looks to go straight to Netflix this time, with them onboard to produce. At least that’s according to a filming listing in Production Weekly.

Will Deep Blue Sea 3 be a great movie? Probably not, but hopefully it’ll at least be a good time, which is apparently more than the second film managed. All I ask is for just one scene half as good as Sam Jackson being suddenly eaten by a shark in the original.

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