Dee Wallace Possibly Returning for New ‘Critters’ Movie

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As much as I love the Critters franchise, even I can admit that it isn’t perfect. Critters and first sequel The Main Course are both tons of fun, but the third and fourth films are largely forgettable at best and outright bad at worst.

That said, I have enough love for the Krites that I’ll gladly give any new Critters project a chance to win me over. That’ll be the case for Shudder’s soon to debut series Critters: A New Binge, and Syfy’s upcoming new movie.

Syfy has revealed very little information about its Critters movie, including whether or not it’s a sequel, reboot, or remake. However, it’s shooting in South Africa, and according to MovieWeb, Dee Wallace might appear.

Dee Wallace is of course a legend in the horror and sci-fi genres, especially due to her work in the 1980s. Wallace played roles in E.T., Cujo, Critters, and The Howling, and slightly earlier in 1977, she was in The Hills Have Eyes.

Wallace is always a welcome addition to any horror project, although since Syfy hasn’t specified what its new movie is about, it’s unclear if Wallace would be playing a new character or her character from the original film.

If Wallace does indeed play a part, here’s hoping Syfy puts more effort into this project than their average original movie. Thankfully, Leprechaun Returns was good, so perhaps Syfy is capable of quality B-movies after all.

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