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We FINALLY have a release date for the long awaited movie Death House, and it’s January 26, 2018!  What a hell of a way to start off the New Year!  If you haven’t heard of Death House… well first, shame on you!  Second, let me explain why you should have and why this movie is going to kick some major ass!

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Death House originally started as a seedling of an idea inside the mind of the late and great Gunnar Hansen, known to many as Leatherface in 1974’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  His idea was to make a movie will all of his friends from the horror world that fans would love.  Hansen began working on a script, but couldn’t get it just right.  With the assistance of writer and director Harrison Smith his idea came to fruition.  Unforeseen by anyone at the time Hansen passed after a long and unknown battle with pancreatic cancer before the project could be finished.  It is reported his dying request was for the movie to be completed for fans to see.  Almost two years later and Hansen is finally going to get his wish.

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From those who have seen it, Death House is reportedly a smart script.  Crazy, right?  A horror movie that makes you think?!  However, I can already buy into that idea with the witty tagline alone; “Hell isn’t a word.  It’s a sentence.”  This is perhaps one of the best taglines I have seen in the past decade!

Not only does this movie boast a clever script, but it is chockfull of horror veterans.  Reportedly there are even horror Easter eggs dropped throughout the film for those of us who grew up in the genre as fans and can appreciate the small nods to find upon subsequent viewings.  To just list a few of the genre stars who headline this movie, here is a taste; Kane Hodder, Tony Todd, Dee Wallace, Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, R.A. Mihailoff, Barbara Crampton, Felissa Rose, and Camille Keaton.  Ok, maybe that was more than a few, but I certainly did leave some off of the list for you to be surprised about upon your viewing.

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I have included the NSFW red band trailer bellow, but I believe the synopsis is worth mentioning here so you can fully appreciate the plot without being dazzled by the blood and ambush of horror stars.

Inside a federal maximum security prison the worst of the worst are housed.  With the goal to eradicate evil from the world these prisoners are subjected to LSD, electro shock, and sensory deprivation to break down their personalities and get at the root of what makes them tick.  In a word; evil.  So in addition to housing these convicts the facility doubles as a medical, psychological, and parapsychological research center.  As you can imagine, all of the needle pricks and proddings don’t make for a happy group of inmates.

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When two agents visit the Death House a power breakdown releases the evil inside, leaving them to fight their way out.  However, the way out is not up, as convict Sieg (Hodder) points out, it’s down.  However, to enter the belly of the Death House you will have to come face to face with The Five Evils, something the trailer only touches upon and I wouldn’t spoil even if I knew what, or who, that was.

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The trailer whets your appetite for blood and gore, begins the gears to start turning in your brain, and gets your horror addicted heart racing in your chest.  There is no reason for any horror fan not to see this movie, and as Gunnar Hansen’s last project motivated by his love for his horror family and as a treat for the fans who supported him all throughout his career, there is no reason you shouldn’t go see it for yourself!

Entertainment Factory has made a deal with Regan Cinemas to show the movie exclusively over roughly 100 of their screens nationwide so grab your horror friends to fill the seats, get some Jujubes, and enjoy one of the most anticipated horror movies of 2018!