For a fan of both heavy metal and horror, Jason Lei Howden’s 2015 gorefest Deathgasm was nothing short of a dream come true. Featuring some truly extreme underground black and death metal and over the top bloodshed, the movie quickly gained a cult following.

And while talks about a sequel have been going around since the movie’s original premiere, there has been little in the way of updates. But finally, we’ve gotten some concrete news.

Screendaily reports that the two directors of UK’s Grimmfest, Simeon Halligan and Rachel Richardson-Jones, are teaming up for a new project: Grimmfest Films. Screendaily says that “The company will develop, produce and part-finance feature films and streaming content from filmmakers who have premiered work in the festival. This year’s event runs from October 3-6.”

Deathgasm 2 is among a number of movies that Grimmfest films will be producing. The report also states that the company is behind a remake of the 1986 horror flick Witchboard – which seriously could do with a makeover.

While those are the only details regarding Jason Lei Howden’s sequel as of now, it’s great to have some more definite plans on the project. With the legions of unnecessary cashgrabbing sequels and remakes that Hollywood insists on pushing out, it’s a relief to see a smaller production company fight back and help bring sequels that truly deserve to be made to life.

And no, not all sequels are bad – I would never say something that ridiculous – but since the dawn of film, there have been a lot of truly aggravating ones. Anyone remember American Psycho 2?

For those who have never seen Deathgasm, I forgive you. There’s always time to make up for your mistakes. I guarantee you’ve never seen a movie quite like this; how many movies combine death metal and death by dildos? There’s only one that I can think of.