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Death Waltz Recording Company Releases ‘Blake’s Gold Edition’ of their Fog Vinyl Soundtrack!

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Bursting onto the scene in 2011, UK based Death Waltz Recording Company immediately won over fans by releasing iconic cult/horror movie soundtracks on vinyl, turning the outdated format into an art form by commissioning top of the line artists to create the cover art, and packing each release with exclusive liner notes from the composers and directors of the films.  Thus far they’ve tackled films like Let The Right One In, Halloween 2, The House of the Devil and They Live, and each limited edition release has become an instant collector’s item, oftentimes selling out before many fans ever have the chance to snatch one up.

One of those records that sold out in the past was The Fog, a soundtrack that is considered by many fans to be one of the very best horror movie soundtracks of all time.  As is the case with most of John Carpenter’s films, The Fog‘s score is as integral a part of the film as the imagery itself, so it’s no surprise that the previous release was scooped up so fast.

The Fog

Thankfully for those that missed out, Death Waltz has this week made The Fog soundtrack available for one more run, and the re-release is no doubt worthy of a purchase even from those who already bought the previous one.  Dubbed the ‘Blake’s Gold Edition”, this version of the soundtrack is pressed on heavy weight 180g gold vinyl, making it look like a piece of Captain William Blake’s beloved treasure.


Like the previous release, this one includes not only the original score but also comes with a bonus vinyl that contains musical cues from the film that had never been released prior to Death Waltz coming around.  Also included are liner notes from John Carpenter himself, as well as from cover artist Dinos Chapman.

You can pick up your copy of The Fog : Blake’s Gold Edition for $35 over on Death Waltz Recording Company’s website, where you can also purchase their other releases that have yet to sell out.  At the time of writing this less than 600 of the Blake’s Gold Editions remain, so act fast if you want one!

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