‘Death Stranding’ E3 Trailer Wows With Straight up Weirdness

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It’s been sometime since we all saw naked Norman Reedus on a beach surrounded by dead whales, connected to a fetus. Last year Death Stranding’s E3 intro was pure unbridled Kojima and this latest, slightly more revealing trailer was no different.

This one at least offered some sort of context, to what exactly in the hell is going on. But even that is just speculation.

Norman Reedus takes on the role of Sam Bridges and is some sort of delivery man in a desolate landscape. We were also introduced to terrifying specters that hunt for people by way of deadly rain showers. Oh, and Reedus is able to call on assistance from a fetus he has living in a glass case.


The trailer doesn’t end on the happy note either. It ends with Reedus being sucked into the earh by a multitude of pissed off specters.

Death Stranding looks beautiful running in 4k using the Decima engine. This could be the reason I pull the trigger on upgrading to a PS4 Pro.

While we aren’t sure what the heck is going on exactly, we are very excited about this. Kojima and his Metal Gear series has always been a favorite, and this looks to carry the same classic aesthetics along with a new unfiltered amount of Kojima oeuvre.

What do you guys think of the trailer? Let us know in the comments.


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