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‘Dear David’ Twitter Thread is Getting the Movie Treatment

by Erick Gabriel
Dear David Twitter

If you are an avid twitter user, it’s likely that you have heard the tale of Dear David. Former BuzzFeed writer and illustrator Adam Ellis has documented a series of ghostly encounters with an entity that was supposedly sharing his apartment back in 2017. The apparition, who he named David, was said to be of a small boy with a massive dent in the side of his head.

The story has now captivated the eye of the producer of IT, Dan Lin, and Mike Van Waes, the screenwriter for films like The Conjuring and the upcoming Crooked Man spin-off.

Everything was fine for Ellis until last summer. On August 7, he began tweeting about a little boy haunting his home.

It began in Ellis’s dreams with a visit from David. As the nights passed, the boy seemed to have crossed over into the real world. Ellis began to document, or tweet, everything that went bump in the night.

His most unsettling tweets captured objects moving on their own throughout his apartment and images of what he claimed was David himself.

The now infamous thread, which you can read about more in-depth here, gained Ellis over 1 million followers according to JoBlo. To this day, he still claims that the story, images, and videos are all real.

“I’ve never been interested in convincing anyone that ghosts are real–I just wanted to tell my story. If it was all fiction, I probably would’ve updated more than once every couple weeks.”

via Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead)

According to The Wrap, Buzzfeed Studios will be teaming up with Lin’s rebranded company Rideback for this film. Currently named The Untitled “Dear David” Project, the film will be a high-concept horror thriller based off Ellis’s tweets and images.

You can read the full thread (in chronological order) here.

Will you be interested in seeing this story pan out on the big screen? Are you already a long-time follower of Dear David? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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