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Last week of course marked the premiere of Syfy’s Sharknado 2: The Second One, which gobbled up record ratings for the network and was as much of a social media sensation as the titular freak weather activity’s first outing. Our own Shaun Cordingly reviewed the film right here on iHorror, so give that a read, if you’re curious to know what he thought.

The reason I bring Sharknado 2 up today is because a pretty hilarious scare prank has just hit the net, which was designed to promote the film over in London. Special effects producers from Syfy placed a custom-built animatronic shark in a small fish market for the prank, which needles to say scared the living daylights out of customers who thought they were going to eat the fish on display, rather than be eaten by them.

Of course, nobody actually was eaten, but several Londoners sure as hell acted like they were about to be. Thankfully, cameras captured all the hilarity, so check out video footage of the prank below!

[youtube id=”VXq4IlH90CA”]

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