It looks like we are going to have to stock up on plenty of Zombrex for spring break, since it might help save us from total decimation once a new set of zombies once again takes over the world.

Yea I’m tired of zombies too folks but I’m going to give the newest trailer for “Dead Rising: Watchtower” the benefit of the zombie doubt since it is based on Capcom’s “Dead Rising” and since that franchise was in existence long before “The Walking Dead” hit airwaves.

The trailer gives us a look at the onset of the outbreak and looks like it is sticking pretty close to the goofy/ scary material that the games introduced us to.

All the fun is intact; the trailer gives diehards quick flashes of psychopathic bosses, some makeshift weaponry and even a smug Rob Riggle as Frank West.


I’m especially looking forward to the zombie clown dawning a bloody axe and the multitude of weapons that from this trailer include a sledgesaw a shotgun with a  machete attached and a few others you have to keep your eye out for.

This looks like it will lots of zombtastic fun and will be available on Playstation and Xbox platforms starting March 27 exclusively on Sony’s Crackle video service.