Of Flesh and Blood- Dead By Daylight’s Newest Expansion

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Dead By Daylight is a bloody fantastic indie game that has taken the horror community by storm. For those of you who are unaware Dead By Daylight is essentially a playable slasher film.  It follows a 4 V 1 formula with one player as the killer and the rest as fodder.

Since launch, the developers behind Dead By Daylight have been regularly releasing new maps, killers, and survivors in the form of extra DLC for the game.  One such DLC added Haddonfield and Michael Myers as a playable killer with unique abilities.  The newest expansion to drop, Of Flesh and Mud, also adds a new map, killer, and a new survivor.

The new killer is known as The Hag, and is shown off to be some sort of undead witch doctor.

The Hag’s unique ability is the Phantasm trap.

She draws runes into the mud of the swamp and uses them to create a shadow copy of herself to scare off the survivors from completing their objectives.  Also with the newest DLC a new game play mechanic has been added as well, the hex totems.

The hex totems are used by the killer to weaken the survivors in order to make them easier prey.  The Hags perks also revolve around the hex totems, creating interesting new mechanics.

Ace is the new survivor that is added in the Of Flesh and Blood expansion.

Ace is described as being heavily reliant on his unnatural luck, and this trait carries over into his perks.

When looting chests Ace has a passive ability that sometimes spawns in an additional uncommon or lower rarity item on top of whatever item would already be found within the chest.  The rest of Ace’s abilities are equally luck based and serve as a balance to The Hag and her hope crushing abilities.

The new map also added is simply known as Backwater Swamp.  While not the most creative name out there it is concise and to the point.

Dead By Daylight is a fun little indie horror game that has been a hit since launch.

The developers have been creating original characters and releasing them as the previous season draws to a close.

They were even able to obtain the rights to Michael Myers from Halloween.

Adding him as a playable character in an additional DLC package.  

Dead By Daylight is a blast to play with random players or friends alike. It is definitely worth checking out on steam for those who haven’t already.


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