Swamp Thing

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The DC Universe streaming service hasn’t even existed for an entire year, but they’re already showing a willingness to quickly cancel highly anticipated projects. Despite only premiering on May 31st, DC Universe’s Swamp Thing series has already been canceled.

Deadline confirmed the news, which has naturally taken many fans of the horror-tinged superhero by surprise. Swamp Thing was announced before the service had even launched, and has been one of its more heavily promoted original shows to date.

DC’s parent companies Warner Bros. and AT&T have yet to release any type of official explanation for the move, but rumors are flying around suggesting things ranging from execs simply not liking the show to problems with a tax credit that didn’t materialize.

Making Swamp Thing’s early demise even sadder is that reactions to the series among fans have been largely positive. As a small consolation, the remaining episodes of season one will at least continue to arrive weekly going forward, as was scheduled.

As one might imagine, many DC Universe subscribers aren’t pleased with the cancellation, and have launched a last ditch social media campaign to try and save Swamp Thing. Sadly, that doesn’t look very likely to happen, at least not currently.

Swamp Thing