Welcome back to another exciting day in horror history!  January 2nd is full of nostalgia!

Isaac Asimov born January 2, 1920

His name is synonymous with science fiction, and the principles he set forth in creating his worlds have helped to shape countless others. Isaac Asimov is a legend and I, Robot alone would earn his place on this list.

Taye Diggs born January 2, 1971

He was once a Broadway baby appearing in the cast of the acclaimed musical Rent, but Taye Diggs has dipped his toe more than once into the horror genre. He was a standout alongside Ali Larter in 1999 remake of House on Haunted Hill and later appeared in Dylan Dog: Dead of Night.

Dustin Clare born January 2, 1982

Australian actor Dustin Clare rose to international fame in the acclaimed TV series “Spartacus: Gods of the Arena” as Gannicus, taking part in some of the most brutal and bloody television we’ve ever seen. Clare is continuing that streak of hard hitting, horrific television now appearing in “Wolf Creek” based on the popular film centering on crazed Outback serial killer Mick Taylor.

Shelley Hennig born January 2, 1987

Shelley Hennig was born to be a scream queen, and she continues to prove it with her work on MTV’s “Teen Wolf” and in the films Unfriended and Ouija. We’re definitely keeping our eyes on what she’ll do next!

Cyrus Arnold born January 2, 2003

Before 2017, Cyrus Arnold, a native of Burbank, CA, had previously been known for his comedic work. All that changed, however, when he joined the cast of “The Exorcist” season two as Truck, the autistic foster son of John Cho.

Tremors 4: The Legend Begins releases January 2, 2004

I don’t think anyone ever imagined Tremors would spawn the franchise that it has, and yet, in 2004, they found themselves in the position of making a prequel that told the story of how their little town was founded and that even their ancestors had fought the menacing Graboids.