The murderous Kevin in Frank Miller's Sin City

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This Day in Horror History January 28th is heavy on talent AND entertainment!

Frank Darabont born on January 28, 1959

As controversial a figure as he might be, horror owes a lot to Frank Darabont. Not only was he the creative force behind the television adaptation of “The Walking Dead”, but he’s also written and directed three of the best big screen adaptations of Stephen King’s work that we’ve ever seen: The Shawshank Redemption, The Mist, and The Green Mile!

Frank Darabont behind the camera

The Shining released on January 28, 1977

Stephen King’s The Shining was so much more than a ghost story. He took us to the Overlook Hotel (based on the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO) and gave us a story of addiction, abuse, and the descent into the madness of isolation.

The novel has thus far spawned a big screen adaptation, a television mini-series, and a sequel novel currently set for a big screen adaptation in 2019!

Cover art for The Shining novel

Elijah Wood born January 28, 1981

He might be more famous for his fantasy work in The Lord of the Rings, but let’s not forget that one Elijah Wood’s big breaks came in 1993’s The Good Son opposite Macaulay Culkin. He’s also starred in a remake of the classic Maniac, and we’ll never forget his terrifying turn as Kevin in Sin City.

Elijah Wood as Kevin in Sin City