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This Day in Horror History January 27th edition covers more than 100 years!

Lewis Carroll born on January 27, 1832

It may seem odd to include Lewis Carroll on the horror history calendar, but his Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass are filled with dark imagery. Imagery that has been mined for a host of video games and horror films including American McGee’s Alice, and it isn’t a stretch to see his influence on writers like Clive Barker and Neil Gaiman!

James Cromwell born on January 27, 1940

Horror arrived late in James Cromwell’s career, but when it arrived, he embraced it with gusto! If I had to pick two roles that earned his spot here, though, I’d have to say it was Dr. Arthur Arden on “American Horror Story: Asylum” and Father Donald Callahan in the 2004 mini-series based on Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot.


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Mimi Rogers born January 27, 1956

Mimi Rogers caused quite a stir on “The X-Files” when she appeared as Agent Diana Fowley, but that was just one in a host of genre roles. If you want to see her real horror work, check out 2006’s Penny Dreadful.

Mimi Rogers as Diana Fowley in “The X-Files”

Bridget Fonda born January 27, 1964

Roger Corman’s Frankenstein Unbound, Single White Female, Lake Placid. Any of these would be enough to earn Fonda her place in horror history, but did you know she also played Linda in Army of Darkness?!