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This Day in Horror History January 23rd

by Waylon Jordan

This Day in Horror History January 23rd edition honors one of the coolest men to ever appear on the big screen!

Rutger Hauer born on January 23, 1944

Handsome, talented, and somehow always slightly menacing, Rutger Hauer was a natural for horror films, and it doesn’t really matter what sub-genre you dig, he’s done it. BladeRunnerHobo with a ShotgunBuffy the Vampire Slayer…but I think my favorite was his turn as the murderous John Ryder in The Hitcher!


The Butterfly Effect released on January 23, 2004

Mind-bending and disturbing, The Butterfly Effect starred Ashton Kutcher and Amy Smart in one of the bleakest horror films I’ve ever seen. Evan (Kutcher) discovers that he can change moments in time, but each time he does the world warps in ways he can’t foresee and alternately ruining or improving the lives of the people around him.

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