Piper Laurie as Margaret White in Brian De Palma's Carrie

This Day in Horror History January 22nd may not have many entries, but those present are legends. LEGENDS I tell you!

Piper Laurie born January 22, 1932

Will any of us ever forget Piper Laurie in the role that made her a horror icon? Margaret White bathed in self-righteousness and cloaked in religious fervor in Carrie was, in many ways, more terrifying than any killer in a mask we’ve ever seen.

John Hurt born January 22, 1940

John Hurt may be one of the most brilliant character actors of the last century, and he’s crossed over into the horror genre on numerous occasions. Whether an alien was burstring from his chest as Kane in Alien or he was reminding a certain demon of all the good he should be doing as Trevor “Broom” Bruttenholm in Hellboy, he always left a lasting impression, and we’re still mourning his loss last year.

Linda Blair

No one will ever forget the transformation Blair made from sweet, beautiful Regan McNeil to the possessed, head spinning, pea soup spewing monster in The Exorcist. Even if she’d never made another movie, her place in horror history was well-earned with that performance.