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This Day in Horror History: January 20th

by Waylon Jordan

Welcome to This Day in Horror History January 20th edition!

Colin Clive born on January 20, 1900

Colin Clive was only 31 when he took on the role of Dr. Henry Frankenstein in the landmark Universal Pictures 1931 adaptation of Mary Shelley’s famous novel. Unfortunately, he died at only 37 years old and one has to wonder what other great madmen he might have played had he been given the chance.

David Lynch born on January 20, 1946

David Lynch’s work may be hard to classify as horror but he could certainly teach lessons on weird to a host of accepted genre masters. And after all, he gave us “Twin Peaks” and that’s quite a lot for one lifetime.

Ken Page born on January 20, 1954

You may not know his face, but you certainly know his voice. Ken Page brought Oogie Boogie to life in The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Penelope Sudrow born on January 20, 1966

She was the TV obsessed Jennifer in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors and she died like no other. I know I’ll never forget that scene.

Skeet Ulrich born on January 20, 1970

He was the dreamy heartthrob in every horror movie we loved in the 90s. From Scream to The Craft, it just didn’t get much better than Skeet Ulrich.

Evan Peters born on January 20, 1987

Evan Peters has proven himself an acting chameleon through his myriad roles on “American Horror Story”, and he shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

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