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On this Day in Horror History January 17th Edition we celebrate, among others, a living legend who only made one real foray into horror, but it’s one of the most memorable (and quotable!) of the last 30 years.

Betty White born on January 17, 1922

That’s right, Miss Betty White is 98 years old today and still working in the business. She’s well-known for her comedy chops which served her well when she stepped into the role of Delores Bickerman, the foul-mouthed, animal-loving, giant crocodile-feeding, farm owner in 1999’s Lake Placid!

Betty White as Delores Bickerman in 1999’s Lake Placid

Brian Helgeland born on January 17, 1961

You might not know his name, but Helgeland wrote not only A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master but also 976-EVIL, both of which released in 1988. He later returned to the genre to write and direct 2003’s The Order starring the late Heath Ledger.

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Denis O’Hare born January 17, 1962

Out gay actor, Denis O’Hare seems to be comfortable no matter the genre so it makes sense that he’s made a name for himself in horror. Whether he’s playing a decadent vampire in “True Blood” or any one of his memorable characters from “American Horror Story”, he never fails to make an impression.

Kang-ho Song born on January 17, 1967

Fans of Asian horror will immediately recognize Korean actor Kang-ho Song from his roles in The Host and Thirst. The talented actor has enormous presence onscreen and I’m sure we’ve not seen the last of him in the genre.

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Leigh Whannell born on January 17, 1977

Leigh Whannell first burst onto our radars in the first Saw film which he also wrote and established the professional relationship between he and director James Wan, both of whom have changed the face of modern horror. Whannell continues to impress while creating new characters and monsters in the Insidious franchise.

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