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This Day in Horror History: February 5th

by Waylon Jordan

This Day in Horror History February 5th edition features some of the finest actors and actresses to ever embrace the genre!

John Carradine born February 5, 1906

In a stunning career that lasted more than six decades, John Carradine appeared in a host of classic horror films. Blood of Dracula’s Castle, Five Bloody Graves, Diabolical Pact, “The Munsters”, Curse of the Stone Hand, etc., etc., etc.

The list goes on and on and the genre was better for his presence. The fact that he is also the father of David, Keith, Chris, and Robert Carradine just gives us more reasons to celebrate!

Dick Warlock born February 5, 1940

Whether he was taking the form of the Shape in Halloween II or making pulling double duty as actor and stuntman in Firestarter, Dick Warlock has left an indelible mark on the horror genre.

H.R. Giger born February 5, 1940

The prolific artist H.R. Giger made a contribution to the world of horror that we will never forget. He designed the Xenomorph that became one of the greatest creatures in Sci-Fi Horror.

His artwork continues to inspire the imagination of directors blending the organic with machine and showing the beauty in the obscene. His death in 2014 was a great loss.

Barbara Hershey born February 5, 1948

She may have come to the genre late in her career, but Barbara Hershey has certainly done well for herself here. The talented actress has been seen in Black Swan, Insidious, and on the television show “Damien” based on The Omen franchise.

Tom Wilkinson born February 5, 1948

I don’t think I’ll ever forget Tom Wilkinson’s portrayal of Father Moore in The Exorcism of Emily Rose. He brought such sincerity and style to the role and made the priest on trial for murder wholly believable.

Jennifer Jason Leigh born February 5, 1962

The daughter of Vic Morrow, Jennifer Jason Leigh has proven herself a genre stalwart whether she’s facing down Kathy Bates in Dolores Claiborne or taking over Bridget Fonda’s life in Single White Female.

Laura Linney born February 5, 1964

A classically trained actress who is no stranger to the lights of Broadway, Laura Linney might not be the first person one thinks of when they think horror actor, but her appearances in two key roles solidified her place in the history of the genre.

Connie Mills, the sheriff in The Mothman Prophecies, and defense attorney Erin Bruner in The Exorcism of Emily Rose are two of the finest, strong female roles we’ve ever seen and her commitment to those roles was unshakable.

Michael Sheen born February 5, 1969

Michael Sheen is a bit of a chameleon who disappears inside a role so completely that it’s hard to remember you’re watching an actor giving a performance. So, while he was perfect casting as Prime Minister Tony Blair in The Queen, he was just as perfect playing the Lycan leader Lucian in Underworld and we cannot wait to see him as the angel Aziraphale in the upcoming adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens.

Jamie Brewer born February 5, 1985

I’m not sure that season one of “American Horror Story” would have worked as well as it did without Jamie Brewer. In that and each subsequent season she’s appeared in has proven what a talent she is, and we hope she’ll continue to bring that talent to future genre hits!

Frozen limited theatrical release February 5, 2010

It’s hard to believe that it’s been eight years since Adam Green’s Frozen was first released. It’s even harder to believe just how terrifying being stranded on a ski lift in the bitter cold with a pack of hungry wolves below could be.

Yet, it worked and Green’s script was brilliant brought to life.

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