David Lynch on Twin Peaks Season 4: “Never Say Never”

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The second coming of Twin Peaks was either a blessing or a curse for most viewers, with many lamenting the finale. The show’s return was very, very different than the prior two seasons – to say the least – and many felt let down or angry with it. Still, there were some who thought it to be everything they had ever hoped for.

Both parties may be thankful, then, that David Lynch has recently given an interview with THR in which he gives hope to those either looking for a continuation because they love the show or looking for a resolution that they feel is worth it. When asked what it would take for him and Frost to return to the world of Twin Peaks, Lynch said:

I don’t know. It’s too early to say that right now.

A scene from the immortal Dumb and Dumber immediately comes to mind…

He continued:

I’ve learned to never say never.

These statements really don’t sound like anything definitive – cue the Carrey quote again – but the end of the interview brought up some interesting points. It also gave us a glimpse of Lynch being, well, Lynch.

Going back to the feelings you’re having about TV, have you started thinking in terms of long-form storytelling more often in your mind?

Yeah, it’s thrilling to me. Continuing story. It’s absolutely thrilling.

And do you think that TV is generally ready for the kind of stories you want to tell, or was Showtime a special case?

No, I think they’re generally ready. And I think it’s what’s happening. All these things go in waves. But right now, it’s a very friendly environment for a continuing story.

Does that make you want to dive in aggressively? Does it make you want to go, I want to catch this wave while it’s still cresting?

In some ways, yes. (Pauses.)

And in other ways?

No. (Laughs.)

Will Twin Peaks season 4 ever happen? If David Lynch knows, he’s not telling. At least not yet.

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