David Harbour, star of the newest incarnation of Hellboy due in April, recently sat down at his laptop in a hotel room overseas to break down the new trailer for the movie in a video presented by IGN.

It’s a really down to earth and personal view into the new movie – there are no big film crews documenting this, just Harbour speaking candidly to us fans. It’s great to hear an actor just go off script and express their true feelings on a project; at one point he even says he can’t stand a font choice used on the trailer. We appreciate the honesty, Mr. Harbour.

But we’re not here to talk about fonts. Instead, the good parts come when our new Hellboy starts talking about the more visceral aspects of the film. He says:

“This movie’s gory, I mean it’s like a horror movie…there’s a lot of blood in it….It’s brutal.”

Neil Marshall’s new Hellboy movie still doesn’t have an official MPAA rating as of yet, but it’s been touted as an R-rated film from the getgo. From Harbour’s comments, we may safely assume that it will remain an R-rated feature.

Blood and guts aside, a lot of fans have been resisting this reboot due to a lack of Ron Perlman. But after seeing this trailer, it’s looking like this film is going to be just fine without him. And David Harbour is as good a replacement as any. His casting is pretty hard to argue with.

We want to hear from fans of the series on this one. How does the trailer look to you? And do you think that David Harbour going to cut it as Hellboy? Let us know!