YOUR DATE IS HERE Is An Incredibly Spooky-Fun Short Film

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A personal favorite from Fantastic Fest 2018 shorts department went to the blasty-blast that was, Your Date Is Here. The film focuses on a young girl and her babysitter for a night in of pizza, soda, an old creepy board game and general spooky shit.

This is definitely one of those that is better experienced than it is read about. However, I can say that I appreciate Co-Director and writer Zak White and Todd Spence’s attention to analog, almost 80s sensibilities without diving into overkill territory. It feels very much like something I would have watched as an 80’s kid and loved. Heck, I’m watching it now and loving it. My only real complaint is that I wish this was a feature length.

There is a warm charm to the two leads within the short run-time. It makes the increasing undercurrent of spookiness have actual stakes. Something that isn’t easy to accomplish in a short, especially with all the character the film inhabits along the way. Looking forward to what White and Spence do next.

Let us know what you guys think and remember at all costs… don’t land on The Dweeb.
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