‘Dark Universe’ Getting Another Chance With Feig Project?

Timothy RawlesComing Soon, FeaturedLeave a Comment

There have been rumors that director Paul Feig (Ghostbusters-2016, A Simple Favor) is involved in a project called Dark Army, a film that would give new life to Universal’s cache of classic movie monsters. This is something the studio tried to do until Tom Cruise ruined it with his expensive CGI clunker The Mummy.

The writers over at the AV Club have done all the work and made an inferential leap with Feig’s Dark Army, surmising that the director has put the clue in plain sight with the title. Both have the word “dark” in them, is that a stretch?

Turns out their leap was one of faith because Feig himself talked to Coming Soon to discuss what Dark Army is, and the words “Dark Universe” spewed from his lips. Apparently Feig reworked characters from Dark Army and “turned it into the Dark Universe people,” which he hopes execs will green light after he gets it “over to the heads of Universal.”

I guess movie monsters are still taking up space at the Universal lot and all they need is the right nuts and bolts to be reborn, Dark Army might give them that spark. Feig said the film won’t have a Dark Universe franchise feel, but it would contain elements of classic gothic horror, specifically Bride of Frankenstein which he says is “probably one of the greatest movies of all time.”

AV Club reports that Feig wants this project to be a “James Whale-ish, modern day version of a monster movie,” which means the monsters would evoke sympathy and horror with a bit of humanity and humor.

Feig may get a green light from the studio, but he might have a hard time with movie purists who balked at the idea of an all-female Ghostbusters reboot back in 2016. Polarization cost the film a solid payday as final receipts pronounced it a flop on arrival even though critics were generally happy with it.