The Dark Tower Tops Dunkirk at Domestic Box Office

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It’s always great news when a horror property tops the box office, and although The Dark Tower isn’t a straight up horror film, it’s still deeply connected to our world by way of being a Stephen King adaptation.

The Dark Tower scored #1 with a $19.5 million domestic opening weekend take, knocking Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk off of the top spot after two straight weekend wins.

Idris Elba as Roland in The Dark Tower

While that’s certainly a notable achievement, a sub-$20 million opening for Dark Tower isn’t exactly what studio Sony Pictures was hoping for from a movie with a $60 million production budget.

Despite a soft opening, Dark Tower could still become profitable if it performs well enough overseas, as has been the case of for many big studio releases in recent years.

One factor in The Dark Tower underperforming financially may have been the scathing reviews it earned from professional critics, currently sitting at a paltry 18% on Rotten Tomatoes.

While I myself have not seen it as of yet, I personally know two people that have, with one loving it and the other despising it. The Dark Tower truly seems destined to be one of those “love it or hate it” type movies, with little space in between those extremes.

dark tower

Interestingly, The Dark Tower actually earned the second highest domestic opening for a King adaptation in history, right behind the $20.6 million opening of 2007’s 1408.

Based on the high level of anticipation for Andy Muschetti’s upcoming re-adaptation of IT though, it would not at all be surprising for Pennywise’s opening total to top both those numbers.

As for next weekend’s prospects, horror looks likely to stay on top, as the only major wide release is Annabelle: Creation, directed by iHorror Award winner David F. Sandberg. As a reminder, those who check Creation out in theaters will get to see 4 minutes of new footage from the aforementioned IT.

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