Danny Trejo Rescues Special Needs Child From Car Accident

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In case you needed yet another reason to admire Danny Trejo, here you go.

Yesterday, the actor witnessed a collision that resulted in an overturned car. He quickly came to the rescue with another bystander by crawling into the side of the car and, with the help of the other unnamed hero, pulled the child out of the vehicle.

But another passenger, the child’s grandmother, was still trapped in the driver’s seat,  unable to get out.

Upon pulling the child out of the car, Trejo realized it was a boy with special needs. Luckily, he has experience in dealing with children who need extra care, and he helped calm the boy until further help arrived for his elder.

He described the situation to abc7:

“He was panicked. I said OK, we have to use our superpowers. So he screamed ‘superpowers’ and we started yelling ‘superpowers,” Trejo said. “I said do this, with the muscles. He said ‘muscles.'”

“We got kind of a bond. I kept facing him away from the accident.”

Thankfully, everyone survived and no one was seriously injured.

You can watch a video here.

I also think it’s extremely important to take away this quote from Trejo, as per the video:

“Everything good that has happened to me, has happened as a direct result of helping someone else. Everything. And that’s the way I live”

Despite his repeated casting as the bloodthirsty villain, it’s well-known that Danny Trejo is one of the most genuine people in Hollywood.

We certainly need more people like him in the world, now more than ever.

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