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Danny Trejo Has Been Killed Onscreen More Times Than Anyone

by Paul Aloisio

Hollywood icon Danny Trejo has been killed onscreen more times than any other actor according to statistics gathered by the website Buzz Bingo.

Trejo has been killed onscreen 65 times. Horror icon Christopher Lee came in second with 60 deaths, and Lance Henriksen at third with 51 deaths. Males have fared way worse when it comes to dying onscreen: in contrast, the most killed actress of all time is Shelley Winters, who has been killed only a mere 20 times. Julianne Moore came in second with 12 deaths, which is actually somewhat surprising.

Here’s a snippet from the site:

Fortune favours the female: of all of the individual on-screen deaths in our top ten lists below, three quarters (75.9%) befell male actors. Con Air star Danny Trejo has died 65 times in his movie career, more than any other actor. Shelley Winters has met her on-screen demise 20 times, topping our ranking of the most unlucky actresses overall.

The rest of the website has more interesting statistics, stating that the deadliest year for high-grossing Hollywood cinema was actually 1997. And the deadliest film that year?

Titanic, with 85 deaths occurring over the course of the film.

Danny Trejo’s onscreen persona and unfortunately high death count are in stark contrast to who the actor is in real life. Last year, he helped save a child from an overturned car during a traffic accident.

And this is only one of the things the kindhearted but tough-looking actor has been known for in the real world. I mean, just watch the actor’s face light up when surprised with a bunch of innocent puppies. It truly warms the heart.

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