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Danny Trejo Battles Satan in ‘The Last Exorcist’ Trailer

by Trey Hilburn III

We have seen the magnificent Danny Trejo take on a number of adversaries in his film career. In his latest, he takes on the force of hell by way of exorcism in The Last Exorcist.

This one’s centered on every priest who had knowledge of how to perform an exorcism dying in a coordinated terrorist attack. Of course as the title would suggest, Danny Trejo is the last exorcist left.

The Last Exorcist s produced by Uncork’d Entertainment and stars Rachele Brooke Smith and Cate Jones.

Danny Trejo appears to have a smaller part in this. The trailer has very little with him in it. It appears from the trailer that he comes in later in the film to save the day.

Trejo has taken on everything, and if you have seen Machete and Machete Kills you know that he has no qualms with going over the top in the name of fun. So, will it be fun to watch Danny take on a the force of evil in an exorcism? The answer is probably a resounding yes despite the low budget look of the film.

What do you guys think? Ready for Danny Trejo to perform an exorcism? Let us know in the comments section.

The Last Exorcist releases on DVD and Digital Oct. 13.

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