We have deemed 2017 as The Year of the Horror Movie, and as it draws to a close we get other news to take us into 2018.

Unless you have been hiding under a rock this year, one of the biggest nuggets of info to come out of the genre is the sequel to John Carpenter’s legendary film Halloween.

To add even more buzz to the hype, it was revealed that final girl Jamie Lee Curtis will be back in her original role, Carpenter will compose the music and the movie will ignore all the subsequent sequels over the last 40 years.

Recently McBride talked to the Charleston City Paper about what type of horror movie he likes, after all he is helping write the screenplay to this stand-alone sequel. We got a little worried after he mentioned of all things Chopping Mall but then again, that’s kind of cool.

As for Halloween he and director David Gordon Green can’t say much, but the comedian and Alien: Covenant star says he is a big fan of Michael Myers.

He admits though, he was a little stumped about how to carry on the narrative.

“We sat down for a few weeks, tried to come up with a take that made sense, and felt like it was being true to the original.

Then actually had to go in and pitch to John Carpenter and see if it got his seal of approval. He liked it. He liked what we were doing and wanted us to go for it. It’s hugely inspiring.

He’s been one of my personal favorite directors ever since I was a kid. The chance to meet him and the chance to try to expand upon what he created and to have his blessing, it’s just unreal.”

As far as tone and pace, it’s going to be filled with dread, the propellant that made the original so successful.

Yes, exactly! We’re trying to. The original is all about tension. Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) doesn’t even know that Michael Myers exists until the last minutes of the movie.

So much of it you’re in anticipation of what’s going to happen and the dread that Carpenter spins so effortlessly in that film, I think we were really trying to get it back to that.

We’re trying to mine that dread. Mine that tension and not just go for gore and ultra-violence that you see some horror movies lean on. To us, it was all about bringing back the creep factor and trying to find the horror in your own backyard, in our own homes.

Just as we close out this “Year of the Horror Movie,” it’s a nice feeling knowing that by this time next year– if everything stays on schedule–we will have seen McBride’s shaping of Haddonfield and its most infamous residents.

Halloween is scheduled to be released on October 19, 2018.