I can hardly contain my excitement. It’s real. It’s really, really real – and it’s almost here!

What am I talking about? Well, Twin Peaks, of course! Over the past couple of months we’ve been reporting like crazy on everything we learn about the series’ reprisal. The latest update comes in the form of none other than Kyle MacLachlan as Special Agent Dale Cooper.

Yes, we’ve finally got a clip of the black coffee-loving, cherry pie-eating Dale Cooper set to the iconic theme of the show. As small as this update may appear, it’s actually pretty damn huge. Watch below:

One can only wonder why he looks so somber. What is he thinking? What has happened to Cooper since we saw him last? Is that sadness or anger in his eyes?

Now, I know what those unfamiliar with the show are probably thinking. “So what?” they may say. “It’s just a guy in a suit with some synths playing in the background.” But for hardcore fans of the show, this is a sight that we’ve been waiting patiently for for decades. Yes, decades. So if you don’t understand why I’m so excited, you’ve probably just never seen the show.

That’s not a problem, though. You can catch up before the show’s premiere on May 21st with nothing but a day or so of free time and a Netflix subscription. Trust me; it’s in your best interest to do so. Twin Peaks is one of the greatest television shows of all time – not just in the horror world, but period.

While I hope that we end up getting more teasers and trailers before the return if this is the last one, I’ll still be content. We’ve known about the show’s resurrection for a while, and we’ve seen some compelling photos and clips. But this just takes the cake. It makes it feel that much more within our grasps.

Suddenly, May 21st does not seem so far away.

Watch what some of the cast and crew have to say about the show’s return here, and keep your eyes peeled for inevitably more Twin Peaks news.