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Dad Gets Jump Scare When Face Appears In His Washing Machine

by Timothy Rawles
Alex Boardman

Dirty clothes can be a scary thing. Just ask comedian Alex Boardman after he nearly had a heart attack when spotting a man’s face peeking at him through his running washing machine.

The face turned out to be his dog Boo’s bed cushion that he forget he put in the appliance after a minor mess. The face in question is that of rock legend David Bowie who passed away in 2016,

“Forgot I’d washed the dog’s blanket and David Bowie cushion. Nearly just had a heart attack,” Boardman said in a comical tweet.

“It was genuinely terrifying because I’d forgotten I’d put it in there,” he told The Mirror. “The reason why it was in the wash was because that morning I’d given Boo barbecue chicken as a treat. It’d totally disagreed with her and she’d been sick all over the cushion.”

“So whilst I was dealing with that, I needed to wash her blanket and I chucked that in there too. I’d totally forgotten about it, and then walked back into the room and it scared the life out of me.”


The post got lots of traction thanks to amused readers. Boarman’s social media popularity skyrocketed in just a few hours.

“It’s really nice that so many people engaged with the tweet, I thought it was quite amusing. Obviously I put loads of jokes on Twitter anyway, but people found this one really funny,” he said relishing the attention, especially from a re-tweet by his idol, comedian Kathy Burke.

“When she retweeted it, I got like an additional 10,000 likes. I had to wait for my son to get home so he could show me how to mute the Twitter notifications.

“My phone was just buzzing for about three hours!”

The cushion was originally purchased at a thrift store about five years ago after Boardman’s young son spotted it on the rack.

Maybe doing laundry isn’t Boardman’s thing. Maybe he’s an Absolute Beginner?

Source: The Mirror

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