CW Begins Casting for Charmed Reboot Pilot

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There’s a show that I have loved since it aired in 1998. Some people had Gilmore Girls (or pick a female-centric TV series in the early 2000’s) but I had Charmed. Appealing to my love of witches, demons, and any given mythological or cryptozoological creature, this show ran for eight seasons; 179 wonderful episodes full of magic, mayhem and bad ass women. It would be just a pipe dream to get a Charmed reboot, right?

In regards to remakes and reboots, I have always been skeptical about them. Why bring something back from the dead? We all learned our lesson from Pet Sematary, Practical Magic, etc that bringing something back from the dead doesn’t mean it will be the same as it was before, but hey it worked for Full House and Gilmore Girls (there’s that name again). Well, whatever side you’re on, it has been announced that there WILL be a Charmed reboot.

Who’s handling our delicate supernatural baby? Why, the same channel that brought you The Vampire Diaries, Secret Circle (RIP, it ended too soon) and iZombie. It seems the channel has taken a paranormal turn as of late. What might a Charmed reboot be like?

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Now, here’s where they may lose some hardcore fans. According to Backstage the reboot won’t be a continuation of the Halliwell line, but rather a prequel of the story already told, set in 1976. It’s possible this pilot could be in the works due to one of their biggest long running shows, The Vampire Diaries, ending its last season very soon.

The pilot is slated for sometime in 2017-18 and is already auditioning for new actors (it is unknown if the original Wiccan trifecta will be in the reboot). The original had a perfect formula that I hope they maintain in this prequel. The show was about three good witches, kicking ass and taking names with no apologies. All the while, they are dealing with real issues that the audience can relate to.  I have a hard time thinking a reboot could make it better than it was, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited.

According to, the minds behind the reboot are the same minds behind the very popular show, Jane the Virgin, such as Ben Silverman and Jennie Snyder Urman.  The pilot will be written by Jessica O’Toole and Amy Rardin and directed by Brad Silberling.

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Whether you are Team Prue or Team Paige, it will be interesting to see how they bring this together. There is no word if anyone has already been cast yet, but you can bet when there is, we will let you know. We can only hope the Power of Three is on their side for the Charmed reboot.

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