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Cute Religious Precious Moments Figurines Get Bloody Makeovers

by Timothy Rawles
Header of Precious Moments horror figurine.

They were the cute porcelain dust collectors that our great grandmothers spent hundreds on at the mall. They were called Precious Moments, and fireplaces across the country were filled with the joyful figurines which were meant to encourage peace, love, and inspiration with a religious aura.


But Canadian artist Keith Busher was inspired in another way and has appropriated the glass artworks to make them into horrific ghouls and iconic movie monsters.

It all started when Busher was at a thrift store and picked up a handful of the cuties for a steal and brought them home not to display in a glass case, but morph them into a menacing menagerie.


With his kids’ help Busher created a line of creepy critters which he calls Precious Mutations and currently sells them online. His one-of-a-kind works pay homage to Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Evil Dead and other horror classics as well as zombies, ghouls and other beasties.

“I was looking for an inexpensive hobby to distract our kids from the amount of TV they were watching,” Keith said. “We wanted to find something crafty that they could do, so we decided to try and upcycle items into interesting things.”


Using epoxy and other mediums to transform the dolls, he has made over 250 works.

The artist says he sometimes isn’t always sure what the Precious Moments figurines will become.

“I take a look at each piece. They may sit on my shelve for a few months at a time before I am inspired,” Keith says. “It could be the way the character is standing or just the awkward situation they are in; something will click in me.”


His motivation isn’t all about creeping people out, he actually wants to make them smile.

“If they’re stressed and if they’re dealing with something that is tough, they can ask: How can I look at this maybe a little different? How can I change it so I can see it from a different point of view? Hopefully, I solicit someone to have more of an imagination, not only for these dolls, but for their own lived experiences as well.”

Busher doesn’t just torture Precious Moments collectibles either, he has used other dolls including a holiday nutcracker, to bring his scary visions to life and sells them on eBay and Etsy.

You can check out his Instagram page HERE.

Source: The Dad

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