Severin Films has recently announced that they will be bringing the Blaxploitation cult classic, Blackenstein, to life on Blu-ray come May 30th featuring both the theatrical cut and the home video cut. Blackenstein joins the ranks of many of the great hits that Severin has released and personally I can’t wait to revisit it.

Two Restored Versions Of The Most Notorious Blaxploitation Shocker Of Them All…
And The Most Insane Backstory Ever.

You may have heard of this infamous Blaxploitation/Horror hybrid, but the real story is even more bizarre: In 1973, criminal-lawyer-turned-wannabe-monster-movie-mogul Frank R. Saletri wrote and produced this grindhouse hit about a Black soldier mortally wounded in Vietnam transformed into a rampaging monster by an L.A. mad scientist. Almost a decade later, Seletri himself would be murdered gangland-style in a crime that remains debated – and unsolved – to this day. John Hart (TV’s “The Lone Ranger”), ’40s Hollywood starlet Andrea King (The Best With Five Fingers) and even former mob moll/stripper Liz Renay (Desperate Living) star in this jaw-dropper directed by William A. Levey (The Happy Hooker Goes to Washington), now restored with all-new Special Features that spotlight the entire twisted saga!

Special Features:

  • Theatrical Release Version (78 Minutes) and Video Release Version (87 Minutes)
  • Monster Kid: Interview With Writer / Producer Frank R. Saletri’s Sister, June Kirk
  • Archive News Broadcast On The Murder Of Writer / Producer Frank R. Saletri
  • Producers / Directors / Actors Ken Osborne And Robert Dix Remember Writer / Producer Frank R. Saletri
  • Bill Created Blackenstein: Interview With Creature Designer Bill Munns
  • Theatrical Trailer