The Child’s Play series holds somewhat of an odd place within today’s horror genre, as one of the last classic slasher series of the 80s and 90s to never end up rebooting itself, or recasting its lead villain.

Nearly 30 years after Tom Holland’s original film, Oscar nominee Brad Dourif is still voicing Chucky, and Chucky still loves him some killin’.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Chucky hasn’t lied dormant at times, such as the 9-year period between the release of Seed of Chucky and Curse of Chucky. It’s not hard to see why the series took some time off, as Seed was the most divisive entry yet, seemingly delighting just as many fans with its wacky humor as it alienated.


When it was announced that Curse would go direct to video, many fans were concerned, as the majority of DTV horror sequels are dreadful. Thankfully, Curse wowed both critics and horror lovers, being regarded by most as a welcome return to frightening form for Charles Lee Ray’s diminutive alter ego.

Late last month, the first trailer for upcoming sequel Cult of Chucky hit, and for the most part drew positive notices from excited Chucky devotees. The gory red-band trailer that followed went over even better. What could possibly be better than that, you may ask? Chucky in Lego, that’s what.

Youtube user Ethan Acala took it upon himself to recreate Cult’s trailer entirely in Lego, as has become fashionable to do for many a movie. While not a flawless effort, it’s still both amusing and very creative, and likely to make most Chucky fans grin. After all, Chucky is a toy, so why not recreate him with toys?

Check out the full Lego-fied Cult trailer above, and don’t forget to make a date with Chucky for October 3rd. I know I will. If Cult turns out even half as good as Curse, we’re all in for a treat.