‘Cult of Chucky’ to Stream on Netflix in October

Timothy RawlesNewsLeave a Comment

IGN is reporting that watching “Cult of Chucky” come October will be as easy as turning on Netflix in the United States.

The seventh in the series of the doll with an evil soul is getting great traction from word-of-mouth and is probably one of the most anticipated DVD Blu-ray releases of 2017.

The movie follows Nica Pierce (Fiona Dourif), now committed to an asylum after the events of the last film implicated her in a mass murder.

Her fellow patients are wary of her presence, most of them believing that she is guilty of the murders even though she contends that they were done by the murderous mass-market 80’s doll Chucky, now possessed by a serial killer.

Grisly deaths begin to happen in the hospital and Nica along with the doll’s original owner Andy must confront the killer in an ultimate showdown.

The official Blu Ray, DVD, and On Demand release date is October 3, 2017.

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