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Cult of Chucky is Coming to Play: Teaser and Details Within!

by Tiffi Alarie

Wanna play? For the seventh damned time? You bet your plastic ass you do! This fall, Cult of Chucky will be creeping toward a DVD player or digital device near you.

[Update – this article contains the Universal Pictures teaser announcement of the production and not the actual trailer for the upcoming film]

Entertainment Weekly exclusively dished that the septuplet of the series will embark on its principal photography stage in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) on Monday, January 9th–just a mere half a week away! It’s also been penned, and will be directed, by the original “doll-father,” himself: Don Mancini.

Don is the mastermind behind every entry of the grisly-yet-adorable franchise. But after six prior rides on this merry-go-round, you surely wonder what that relentless, red-headed bastard could possibly be getting himself into now. Let’s dig in the toy box, shall we?

At the risk of scarring my half-asleep boyfriend, I screened the following trailer:

To both my delight and suspicion, I came to find Brad Dourif will be reprising the iconic voice of Chucky–and this time, he’s got company! That’s right: velvet-voiced Jennifer Tilly rejoins us as (my name twin!) Tiffany, in her role of the ever-faithful Bride.

He’ll also be battling his real life daughter, Fiona Dourif, as Nica Pierce (of Curse) once again.

Also revisiting will be Alex Vincent as Chucky’s friend to the end, li’l Andy Barclay–who made it through the eighties, has long since matured, and is taking no more crap from the doll he could likely punt in one fell swoop.

And punt, he may, when he darts to the aid of asylum patient Nica, who’s since been placed in an institute for the criminally insane.

It’s a logical conclusion to come to that you were the cold-blooded murderer–and not some plastic freak in rainbow overalls–don’cha think?

Maybe you feel as though you missed out on your childhood, and resent your family for that. The doll must have been a hallucination: a manifestation of that, in the form of a knife-toting toy. Right?

And sure–at first, you think you’d never do that. But on the other hand…a doll would never do, well…anything. Nothing but sit there, and idly watch as you sleep with his rosy, painted-on grin.

Which is the saner of the two potential outcomes? But when her doctor implements a new tool to group sessions, in the form of a “therapy doll,” Nica can’t quite help but start to wonder…

How freakin’ convenient, right? Sorry, Nica: ’tis fate. Perhaps this was meant to be, after all. Or maybe you’ll claw down deeply enough to find the fight within you. Either way, it’ll be one hell of a watch!

Cult of Chucky will be available on DVD, Blu-ray, and for digital download–just in time for Halloween 2017.

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