CryptTV and Arsenic Magazine Do Some Halloween Body Painting


Freddy has never looked so good!

October is almost here and to celebrate genre brand CryptTV partnered with Arsenic Magazine, one of the top brands on Snapchat and Instagram, to body paint Arsenic models as famous horror characters. Crypt and Arsenic brought Beetlejuice, Harley Quinn and Freddy Krueger to life and documented the entire behind the scenes process on Snapchat and Instagram. Visit their profiles to see the transformations: @ArsenicMagazine and @CryptTV.
Halloween Body Painting
Halloween Body Painting
Artists Pashur (@pashur_bodyart), Sheila Mia Seifi (@sheila.fx), Allison McGillicuddy (@allydoesmakeup) and Karina Kanupek (@artisticla) transformed models @ko.taly, @jessdykstra and @tatianaE to give horror fans a new type of Halloween costume!
Watch the behind the scenes now because they disappear from both CryptTV & Arsenic at 11 am PST Friday!
Halloween Body Painting


  1. It’s near Halloween, Lady… Sheesh.
    What I find stupid is that the Fuzz got nothing better to do than pick on innocent people wearing costumes on Halloween…

  2. People in Florida freaking out over nothing? You don’t fucking say! Come to think of, weren’t they all supposed to die of Zika over the summer?


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