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The Crow Reboot Gets a Filming Date; Jason Momoa Playing Lead

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Written by John Squires

Whether you’re for it or violently against it, the 1994 cult classic The Crow has found itself on the reboot chopping block, and after many years of false starts, it looks like this iteration of the project is finally getting ready to fly. As we recently told you, Jason Momoa is in talks to play the titular role, and now we know when we can expect cameras to begin rolling.

The Wrap reports that Relativity’s reboot of The Crow will begin production this coming January. Rather than a remake of the 1994 film, the project is being described as a new adaptation of James O’Barr’s comic book, though it appears as if Momoa will be playing Eric Draven.

From The Wrap…

Like the original, the story follows Eric Draven, a murder victim who returns from the dead, seeking vengeance on those who murdered him and his fiancée with the help of a mystical bird.

Recently, original The Crow director Alex Proyas condemned the reboot.

There was only one Brandon Lee,” Proyas wrote on his Facebook page. “Every time they try to remake The Crow I am saddened they have so little respect for Brandon and his legacy. Can’t they for once leave something alone? We finished the movie to honour his memory. Because his family wanted it to be finished. It is and will always and forever be his movie. Not my movie, not anyone’s… Brandon’s. That is as it should be.”

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