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The Crooked Man Movie Announced in Expanding ‘Conjuring’ Universe

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Written by Patti Pauley

The Crooked Man always had a bit of a creepy vibe in those nursery rhymes. However, if you’ve ever seen The Conjuring 2, the goosebumps factor goes far beyond the visuals of a twisted old man and his rodent hungry feline friend. And the all-expanding Conjuring-verse of spinoff films has greenlit production for The Crooked Man to be the focus of the next sister movie of the franchise.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, New Line Cinema has hired writer Mike Van Waes to pen the script for The Conjuring spinoff movie based on a story by modern horror master James Wan in an attempt to piece together a backstory for this curiously creepy as fuck character. Van Waes is no stranger to New Line as the house that Freddy built is also the studio that picked up the pitch from Waes for the previously announced Wizard of Oz horror film.

The Crooked Man was first seen in last year’s Summer smash The Conjuring 2, playing antagonist alongside The Nun, who as we all know, if getting its own movie as well directed by Corin Hardy and currently in production as we speak. With plans of another Conjuring installment and Annabelle: Creation hitting theaters very soon, I think it may be safe to assume The Conjuring-verse is becoming an unstoppable force within the genre with the both Conjuring films combined and 2015’s Annabelle raking in over $897 million worldwide. We just can’t seem to get enough of these characters that are slowly becoming the icons for this decade in the horror genre.

The Crooked Man will be produced by Conjuring-verse veterans James Wan and Peter Safran.

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