Cronenberg Easter egg found in an unlucky patient

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It looks a like an Easter bunny from the world of David Cronenberg laid an egg inside of a very unfortunate man in a report from 2013.

This poor guy was having an increased need to urinate over the past 20 years, which eventually lead to doctors finding a half-pound, three-inch fibrous mass right above his bladder.

The mass was reported to have a firm and rubbery texture similar to a hard-boiled egg.

This creepy occurrence is known as a peritoneal loose body. While masses like these are far more common then we would like to believe, this in particular mass was the largest of its kind.


In the more Cronenberg-esque photo you can see where the egg shaped mass was dyed green in order to reveal the calcified fat at its center.

Fact is stranger than fiction sometimes but it is fun to imagine a Cronenberg film all about Easter and these kinds of eggs.

Who’s hungry for a Cadbury Egg?