Vinyl figures are all the rage right now, and Funko is leading the pack with their line of POP! toys. Many horror icons have made their way into the line, though I think it’s safe to say those lovable Crites won’t be following suit. But that’s okay, because another company has stepped in to give Critters some vinyl love.

That company is Amok Time Toys, who today made the surprise announcement that the 1986 cult classic Critters has just joined their Monstarz line. The 5″ tall replica Crites are made of vinyl, feature a detailed paint deco, and are outfitted with realistic hair, housed inside of Funko-style display boxes.

The collectible vinyl figures are currently available over in the Amok Time online shop, selling for just $20 each. Best of all, the company is showing appreciation for those who have supported them over the years by offering free shipping on the Crites, so that $20 is all you’ll have to shell out to get one of these bad boys.

The Crites join previously released Monstarz figures such as Return of the Living Dead‘s Tarman, one of the Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Day of the Dead‘s Bub, and “Mistress of the Dark” Elvira. You can check out images of the new toy below, and purchase yours over on Amok Time’s website!