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‘Critters’ Officially Crossover to ‘Blair Witch’

by Trey Hilburn III

Bloober Team’s Blair Witch is out. Now that I have had some time to dig into its dark woods and innovative approach, I have had a chance to explore the Black Hills Forest a little further and, you guys, there is Critters in them there hills!

Part of my exploration lead to a small shack near the sawmill. While attempting to search for hidden goodies to get one-hundred percent completion, I stumbled upon weather worn document titled “Fearsome Critters”. The document details creatures that the Black Hills Forest might call home. Hoop Snakes, Jackalopes and Squonks make up some of the who’s who list of folklore, but it’s the little guy in the left hand corner that caught my attention.


This little dude dubbed either Fuzzball or Furball, its hard to tell cause the ink is sort of smudged, gives proof that Crites are running around the Blair Witch’s stomping grounds.

I do love a good crossover, and I am all about this particular easter egg. What part would Critters play in the shadow of The Blair Witch? Annoying vermin? Pet? Familiar? Whatever the case I would love to see some sort of wink at this crossover in future games or films based in this world.

But that’s enough of my speculation. What do you guys think? Give us your best fan fic guesses and maybe we will share one or two of our own.

Blair Witch is out now on PC and Xbox One.


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