Jordan Downey, director of “ThanksKilling” has been hard at work revisiting horror movies of the past;  one in particular at least. He has always loved the “Critters” franchise and decided to make a spin-off movie of his own: Critters: Bounty Hunter, is a result of that affection. iHorror has the premiere and lets you be one of the first to see it for yourself below. The 80’s sci-fi/horror comedy is a cult favorite and has spawned 3 sequels.

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Downey’s film took him and his crew just under two months to complete.

As Warner Bros. dusts off the series for a digital series through Blue Ribbon Content, Downey decided to make this short film his pitch to the studio, saying on YouTube, “I’ve been a die-hard fan of the series since I was a kid and wanted to show that I would be the right director for the project.”

UPDATE: Downey tells iHorror that Critters is a movie that encompasses everything he admires about the genre, “”Critters has everything I love – horror, comedy, and science-fiction. In my opinion, the first two movies are the perfect blend of the three genres. And the bounty hunters… they’re absolutely key to these movies working. There’s just so much you could do with the series. Honestly, it’s not that far off from Guardians of the Galaxy and that’s what I love. I think Critters could be bigger than anyone can imagine.”

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