Creepy Crate: A Blind Box for the Truly Morbid

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In an Internet world filled with blind boxes dedicated to every genre and subgenre, The Lineup has something for the horror fans that will make your dark little hearts skip a beat!  Not only do these crates come with traditional horror swag, but what sets them apart are their true crime goodies and obscure oddity pieces sprinkled into the mix!

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The Line Up calls this box their Creepy Crate, and no other name does this blind box justice.  It is not straight up mainstream horror, if that is what you’re looking for there are other boxes out there for you.  Nor is Creepy Crate just true crime.  This blind box contains the types of items that peek your morbid curiosity.

With the tagline “When was the last time opening your mailbox gave you chills?” Creepy Crate certainly has a lot to live up to.

The average retail value of these boxes is at least $50, but can easily exceed that price point.  Your yearly subscription entitles you to one creepy crate every other month which is sent by the fifteenth.  It’s just enough time for you to forget that you are receiving an amazing box on your doorstep by the time it arrives.

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These crates can be sent anywhere in the United States for $5 flat rate shipping, $10 for you Canadian horror fans out there, and $20 for international subscribers.

Recently I received this month’s Creepy Crate to kick off January 2018!  The items I found inside tickled my morbid funny bone.  The most appealing item in this month’s crate is without a doubt the 2018 Killer Calendar.  Each month displays a serial killer as well an interesting quote from them.  To begin 2018, January displays Herman Webster Mudgett aka H.H. Holmes.

My other favorite items are a set of shot glasses; one labeled Arsenic with the cure for the poison, as well as Strychnine with that poison’s known cure.  These are great pieces for any oddity collector!

However, there is no reason to spoil all of the gifts in this box of horror.  Why not sign up and see what is in this box for yourself?  If you want something that pulls away from the mainstream horror boxes this one will not disappoint!


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