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Creepy Horror Dolls You Wouldn’t Want in Your Bedroom

by Kelly McNeely

There’s a reason dolls are the subject of quite a few horror stories – they have the full potential to be absolutely terrifying. Imagine those cold, soulless, unblinking eyes watching you sleep. It’s creepy, right? Horror dolls take that phobia to the next level.

The demand for horror toys has been steadily climbing with the popularity of Living Dead Dolls and Funko Pop Figures. But these horror dolls aren’t just collectibles, they’re finely crafted pieces of horror art. You’re probably not bringing them into the office to sit on your cubicle shelf (or maybe you are because you work in a totally rad office).

You cannot deny the skill of the artists that create these masterpieces. It requires a creative and twisted mind to come up with the design, and a steady hand to execute the detailed process. Each haunting visage is enough to keep you up at night.

So, please enjoy these beautifully crafted nightmare machines!



Skeleton Out of Mouth Zombie Baby 22" Horror Doll Halloween Haunted House Prop

via eBay



Demon Reborn Dolls | Details over OOAK Krypt Kiddies plush goth horror demon scary reborn ...:

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Artist Jeremi Rimel. I would love to have a doll like this... - Gabby:

Artist Jeremi Rimel







By Long Gone Dolls:

By Long Gone Dolls




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Want to add to your doll collection? Check out these adorable horror dolls from artist Tina Brown!

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